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ALB-GOLD Organic Pasta

High Pasta Quality and it's advantages

Pasta quality:
Professional Chefs have known
for a long time that ALB-GOLD’s premium products have many advantages at an extraordinarily
good price/performance ratio.

High quality raw materials and care-
ful manufacturing processes result
in a wonderfully natural flavor and attractive appearance.

By using durum wheat semolina,
pure spelt (traditional wheat) and,
in some varieties, fresh eggs, the
pasta retain its shape, even after
being kept warm for a long time.

The ALB-GOLD pastas normally ex-
pand and increase significantly in
size after cooking. With egg pasta the average increase is around 2.8
times its dry size. This is a top
value that ensures a high yield.

Once ALB-GOLD pasta has been
cooked and rinsed, it can be stored
and reheated if needed without
loss of quality.

The pasta can be kept warm and
still retain its shape, flavor and

These qualities especially apply to egg pasta. Egg pasta can therefore be considered the best products
for restaurants and catering com-

Our pasta, particularly egg pasta offers excellent value for money.